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Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Share your Screen. Right From your browser!

Simple Google Chrome extension that allows you to share your screen with anyone, without installing any additonal software.

No Java, No Flash, Just HTML5

Get Started

It's Free

Unlike others offering this kind of service, Dead Simple Screen Sharing is free.

It's Open Source

Dead Simple Screen Sharing is open source, isn't that awesome! You can download the source from GitHub

Works on Mobile Devices

It works on all mobile devices iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, anything which has a web browser.

Built with HTML5

This app is built with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and nothing else. There no shitty java applet running on your system anymore.


Download the extension from the chrome app store. Download Extension


After Installing the extension you will be presented with the icon, click on that icon to start sharing your screen.


Share the unique url with anyone you like to share your screem with. It works accross all major web browsers and mobile devices.

Coming Up

I am working to add more features to this app, like:

HTML5 Mode: It will Send HTML instead of images
Draw Mode: A canvas version which will allow you to draw and annotate the screen share
Audio support to allow communication

Deploy on your own Server

Read this blog post for detailed instructions

Deploying on your own server is easy, the server side code is written in Node.js, download the code from Github, and run:

node server.js

Change the server url in chrome extension:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions in Google Chrome
  2. Then search for Dead Simple Screen Sharing
  3. Click on the options link.
  4. In the options page, inside the textbox enter your server url WITHOUT http://
  5. Thats It!

Default port the server runs on is 5000

Support the App

Currently I am running this app on Heroku free 1 dyno instance,the Heroku server is in North America so the users in Asia will experience 20 sec latency!, moreover as the load grows it will get unstable, so I need you help, if you like this app want to keep it alive please donate, so that I could switch to EC2.

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DeadSimpleScreenSharing is developed by Mohammed Lakkadshaw & Company, we are mobile and web app development company.:

If you are intrested in hiring us, Contact Us at: . To learn more about us, visit our website