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Free Screen Sharing and online meetings

Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing and audio/video conferencing right from your browser.

Free - No Install - No Signup

Share your screen now

Powered By Metered: Video APIs for your Apps and Websites

Integrate WebRTC video into your Apps and websites with Metered APIs

Step 1 : Click on the Share your Screen Now Button


Share your screen, No Sign up and account is required. Click on the share your screen button to start sharing your screen or to conduct video audio conferencing / calling

Step 2 : Join an existing meeting OR create a New One by clicking the create a new meeting button or type meeting ID


Create a new meeting or Join an existing one. To join an existing meeting either go to the meeting URL or type the meeting code in the join meeting box and click on the join meeting button


Step 4 : Press Mic to share mic, press video to share video press screen to share screen


Share the meeting code with other for them to join the meeting and share your mic, camera and screen with them.


The Screen Sharing and Audio Conferencing is free, but the pro plan offers additional features like Video Conferencing, Chat and more integrations.

Exclusive Support for premium members

Secure with SSL Encryption

No Install Screen Sharing

Basic Plan

  • Screen Sharing
  • Presenter Switch
  • Multiple Participant Screen Sharing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Chat
  • Up to 50 participants
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Looking for Screen Sharing API?

We have created developer friendly SDK to perform screen-sharing, and audio-video conferencing that can be easily integrated into your platform.


Can participants also share their screen?

Yes the meeting participants can also share their screen by clicking the share screen button on the meeting page

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I have disabled microphone access, How can I re-enable it?

Check this blog post for instructions on re-enabling microphone access