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Dead Simple Screen Sharing is the only completely free screen sharing solution.

✅ Share Screen for Unlimited Time. No time limits.

✅ Multiple users can share their screen simultaneously.

✅ Free Video and Audio Chat.

✅ Unlimited Participants.

✅ Free 5k Screen Sharing

✅ No Sign Up and Login

✅ Live Chat with File and Image Sharing

Share Your Screen

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Video Call and Video Chat Embed

3 Step Way to Share your Screen and Start meeting.

Step: 1

Click on the Share your Screen Now

To Share your screen, Click on the "share your screen" button above to start sharing your screen or to conduct video / audio Chat

Step: 2

Share code to invite participants to your meeting

In the next screen you will be provided a join meeting code. Give this code to your participants and they can go to this URL / website join the meetings

Step: 3

Press Mic to share mic, press video to share video press screen to share screen

Share the meeting code with other for them to join the meeting and share your mic, camera and screen with them.

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✅ Video APIS to create rooms

✅ Many More

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