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Free Screen Sharing and online meetings

Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Host Dead Simple Screen Sharing yourself

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All the features of Dead Simple Screen Sharing

You get all the features of deadsimplescreensharing if you host it yourself. We would even help you set it up on amazon, google cloud or where ever you want to host it, Plus you get priority email support for FREE.

Unlimited Users and Unlimited Meeting Duration.

Once you purchase the yearly licence you can host as many sessions as you want. there are no restrictions on the concurrent sessions as well as no time on the amount of time each session lasts.

For only $7200/year

Dead Simple Screen Sharing is available for only $9000/ year. It is highly scalable if you are a mid-large organisation. It really is a great value.


If you want you can customise Dead Simple Screen Sharing with your brand name and logo. The instructions on how to do that are given with the yearly licence. If you want we can also do it for you, for an additional fee of $150.

Maintenance package available

Maintenance packages are available for Dead Simple Screen Sharing. Maintenance includes: Maintaining server uptime, fixing any issues if and when they come up. Installing and updating all the dependencies. Installing newer updates of Dead Simple Screen Sharing.

Free Updates

You get free updates with licence of Dead Simple Screen Sharing. The installation of updates, backup and maintenance of servers rests on you.

Contact Us

If you need any help or have any questions, comments or feedback. We would be happy to hear from you.