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Free Screen Sharing and online meetings

Dead Simple Screen Sharing


The Screen Sharing and Audio Conferencing is free, but the pro plan offers additional features like Video Conferencing, Chat and more integrations.

Exclusive Support for premium members

Secure with SSL Encryption

No Install Screen Sharing

Basic Plan

  • Screen Sharing
  • Presenter Switch
  • Multiple Participant Screen Sharing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Chat
  • Upto 4 participants
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What browsers are supported?

Currently we support Google Chrome and Firefox. We are working on adding support for Safari and Edge pretty soon

Can participants also share their screen?

Yes the meeting participants can also share their screen by clicking the share screen button on the meeting page

I have disabled microphone access, How can I re-enable it?

Check this blog post for instructions on re-enabling microphone access

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