Carefully crafted features for a successful online meeting and a productive screen sharing session. Including collaborative features like sharing multiple screens at once.

Share your Screen

Multiple users can share their screens simultaneously

Dead Simple Screen Sharing allows multiple users in a meeting to share their screen simultaneously

Audio and Video Conferencing

With Dead Simple Screen Sharing you can do audio and video conferencing along with screen sharing


Dead Simple Screen Sharing also offers the ability to Group Chat with all the meeting participants

Scheduled Meetings

With Dead Simple Screen Sharing, you can schedule a meeting, invite participants and meeting reminder emails will also get sent out to the meeting members


Dead Simple Screen Sharing offers integrations for Slack and Rocket.chat, that allows you to create a screen sharing session right from Rocket.chat or Slack.
Integrations for Gmail, Outlook and Google Calender are coming soon

Free Screen Sharing for Unlimited amount of time

You can screen share for as long as you want with Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Free Video and Audio Chat.

Free unlimited Video Chat and Audio Chat with Dead Simple Screen Sharing

No Sign Up and Login

To use Dead Simple Screen Sharing, No Sign Up and Login is required

Start Sharing your Screen Now.

Embed video on your website or app

Metered Embed

Add Video Calling and Screen Sharing to your website or app with a single line of code

Custom and Fixed URLs

Get your own Custom URL like: www.your-domain-name.metered.ca

Embed on your Website / APP

Easily add screen sharing to your website by pasting a single line of code.

Cloud Recordings

You can easily record your meetings and safely store them on the cloud with Metered Embed

Customization with Colors and Custom Font to Match your Website / APP

Customize the Color and the font of the screen sharing to suit your website or app with Metered Embed

Moderation Features

Easily ban users, allow only users that you have invited, Create private meetings. Mute Mic and Camera of participants and many more moderation features with Metered Embed

Video APIS

Whole host of Video APIs available to create rooms, ban users and much more with Metered Embed.


Find what you need with advanced filters, bulk actions, and quick views.

Mobile app

Find what you need with advanced filters, bulk actions, and quick views.

Share your Screen Now