Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Rocket Chat Integration

Powered By Metered Video Integration

Dead Simple Screen Sharing offers integration with so that you can do screen-sharing and audio-conferencing and video conferencing right from Rocket Chat.

Step 1: Login to admin and click on “Integrations”
Step 2: Click on the “New Integration” button
Step 3: Select “Outgoing Webhook”
Step 4: Configure the Outgoing Webhook:
1. Select the “Event Trigger” as “Message Sent”
2. Set Enabled to “True”
3. In the Name enter “Dead Simple Screen Sharing”
4. Under the channel type in all_public_channels,all_private_groups,all_direct_messages
5. Trigger words type in screenshare
6. Under URLs type:
7. Under Post as:
8. Click “Save Changes”
9. Done!
Step 3: That’s it, we have successfully setup the integration, now when chatting just type the word screenshare and a meeting will be created for you. You can your participants can click on the Join Meeting button and start doing screen sharing and audio conferencing!