Audio conferencing and screen share. Advantages in business, sales, healthcare and education

What is audio conferencing ?First , we will start with what is audio conference. Audio conference is meeting between people over the web instead of in person. Audio conference can be done online using software that provides this capability. What is Screen Share ?Screen Sharing is the ability to share your

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What is audio conferencing ?

First , we will start with what is audio conference. Audio conference is meeting between people over the web instead of in person. Audio conference can be done online using software that provides this capability.

What is Screen Share ?

Screen Sharing is the ability to share your desktop or mobile screen with other people over the internet. You can share your screen with a person or many people over the internet.

What are the uses of audio conferencing and screen share ?

Audio conferencing and screen share when used in conjugation with each other becomes a very powerful tool, that a from customer support to health care. We list some of the most popular uses below:

1. Customer support and sales demo.

When you buy a product especially a software or a computing device such as a mobile phone or a laptop computer and it is not working as expected, instead of going to the store and returning it you can first try contacting customer support via audio conferencing and screen share.

You can share the screen and let the customer support executive see the problem himself, if it is a software that is not working properly or if you need some help using it. The customer support executive can see the screen plus you can explain the problem to him via audioconferencing.

If you are a Software as a Service (SaaS) company you can also demo your product to potential customers over the internet. For example, if you are selling accounting software you can demonstrate to the customer

  1. how the software works.
  2. What are its features/Benefits.
  3. How it can help customer achieve his goals among others.

Giving an instant demo goes a long way in securing a customer, if a customer is on your site and he gets a demo and sees that the product full-fill his need. There is a high probability that he might buy the product otherwise he might go to competitors website or shop around.

Having an ability to go instant online demo exponentially improves customer conversion rate.

2. Remote teams.

Nowadays, software companies are increasingly becoming remote, with members of the team working in different parts of the world. It has become imperative to communicate with each other effectively.

One way to do that is via Screen Share + Audio conference.  Team Members can show their work to each other via screen share and discuss milestones and other things via audio conferencing.

Team meetings can easily be held anywhere and at anytime and unlike video which hogs a lot of internet bandwidth and cpu, audio and screen sharing can work with almost any device and even with slow internet connections.

There are many benefits of going remote. You get access to top talent from across the world. You can have around the clock working hours.

For example: A team in North America can work on the server while a team in Asia could work on the front-end while the North American team sleeps

Costs decreases dramatically. Having remote teams in developing parts of the world where wages are lower decreases costs to a great extent

3. Healthcare.

Health care professionals can also use audio conferencing and screen share solution to benefit their patients . They can easily explain patient’s health care situation via screen share and audio calls.

One thing to understand here is that when you are transferring patient data over the internet, it needs to comply with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.  The Act lays out some guidelines when transferring w pin over the internet : for example that the data should be encrypted among others.

So, while doing screen sharing and online meeting one should only relay on HIPAA compliant screen sharing software for example

4. Education.

Screen sharing has brought an revolution in the education sector. Now teachers and students are not bound by geographical boundaries. Platforms like tutor me and remote tutor have come up as remote education hubs.

Where you can learn anything from high school syllables to collage subjects from tutors located anywhere around the world. With it has become an interactive experience with teachers explaining subjects on digital white boards and student s following up on their screens at home or in class

Many nations in the developing world have also come to realise the power of online teaching and have adapted screen sharing and audio conferencing solutions to teach students in remote areas.

With a crunch of good quality teachers in the developing world schools have adapted s a to reach undreds and thousands of students thus enabling th education revolution in htese countries.

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This article is written by Ali Asgher Lakkadshaw. He works at : Share you screen with audio calls for free.

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