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Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Dead Simple Screen: Winner of Two Web Conferencing Software Awards for 2017



The review team from FinancesOnline tested the features of Dead Simple Screen Sharing and after a thorough analysis concluded that our tool is a user-friendly tool, which helps people get their point across clearly. Our app, they said, is useful for a variety of reasons, whether for client presentation, team meetings, sales demos or board discussions. As such, we are granted the 2017 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards, two major recognitions given to business software with excellent features.


The Great User Experience Award for best web conferencing software signifies the intuitive user interface and ease-of-use of our tools. The review team finds our screen-sharing feature quick to set up and use that even the least tech-savvy user can easily follow. Likewise, customers won’t have to install anything to view your product demos; just forward them the URL of your Dead Simple Screen material and they can at once see it.


On the other hand, the Rising Star Award represents a newly launched software solution with a fast-growing user base. This indicates that our software is truly useful and practical to its client base. Many of our users find the software vital to their sales, marketing and management activities.

We are also happy to announce that FinancesOnline included us in their top communications software alternatives guide. That means our software is now an industry-leading product in the field of screen-sharing tools.